Level 14 – Hackoween II #ZomatoCTF

Useless Minted JPG

I had solved this level even before the CTF started.


When Prateek tweeted the Google Form link for entering the CTF, I searched on Google for the title of CTF mentioned in the Google form. “hackoween” zomato

Google returned only one result. A reddit post by u/newzomatohire

It had a blockchain wallet address 0x788EF765c545D7EA679c06Cd823E19De6371B029 which could be of any network. Ethereum, BSC, Polygon etc. Looked up for transactions in this address on blockscan.com and it shows transactions on Sepolia Testnet which is ETH blockchain network just for testing.

Looking at the transactions, one transaction had a * symbol in Method column. Which means this transaction has additional data included.

Looked at the Input Data in transaction details and there was the code.

Pasted the code in text file wtf.txt and uploaded it on CTF level page and got the flag.

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